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Crystal Proenza Proenza
Job Title
Growth Mindset
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Crystal Proenza is a strategic consultant and culture expert. She is known for her ability to empower leaders and drive performance, especially in times of change or challenge. 

Having spent over a decade in senior leadership roles across business, tech and communications, Crystal is a seasoned veteran in creating, evaluating and executing strategy. From startups, to expanding international organizations, her background includes two successful acquisitions, including leadership through transitions. 

Her work on executive teams has helped leaders to achieve exponential growth, create and scale culture, and successfully navigate dynamic business challenges. She founded Growth Mindset as a strategic consulting firm that takes a stand - exponential revenue growth is only possible if an organization’s leaders are engaged in their own growth and empower the growth of their team members.

Working with Crystal is a partnership. She calls on her experience of having been in the leadership seat to understand what clients need, specializing in creating conditions for people to do their best work. She uses this passion to advise leaders as they drive peak performance for themselves and their teams, all with a focus on leadership, communication and systems that can adapt.

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Crystal Proenza Proenza