Women’s Alliance / Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Supporting Partners


The advancement of women, and Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DEI) in CRE is an initiative that NAI Global holds in high regard and as such, we are dedicating a portion of our Convention for those NAI professionals to connect and learn from one another.


The NAI Global Women’s Alliance is a council that allows the women of NAI to easily come together to celebrate each other while driving commercial real estate services worldwide by forming powerful connections throughout the company.


This council was designed to show NAI professionals that NAI Global is committed to creating an inclusive environment where diverse voices are active in all aspects of the organization. This requires a culture of inclusion in which all individuals feel respected and are treated fairly; where different viewpoints, opinions, thoughts, and ideas are encouraged and embraced. 



  • Monday, January 31st - Women's Mastermind Workshop
  • Tuesday, February 1st - General Session: Power Women in CRE 
  • Wednesday, February 2nd - Principals Track: The Important of DEI in the Workplace and How Some NAI Offices are Implementing Change 
  • Wednesday, February 2nd - Women's Alliance Workshop 


  • Monday, January 31st - Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Council Reception 
  • Tuesday, February 1st - Women's Alliance Dinner


Below are our sponsors and why it’s important to them to support this initiative.


AIR CRE is proud to support NAI’s Global Women’s Alliance and DEI Council. As a Southen CA commercial real estate membership organization, AIR CRE was founded on the principals of connecting real estate professionals and providing them with resources and rules to ensure that they act in accordance with a strict standard of ethics. AIR CRE is committed to engaging members from all backgrounds to create an environment that is inclusive and vibrant. We are supportive of any organization that helps to create a more diverse CRE industry, where all team members are respected, supported and encouraged to excel.


We believe the healthiest, most vibrant and sustainable company is one that focuses on DEI initiatives. We work hard to bring together people with different backgrounds and unique sets of experiences because we know that different perspectives cultivate new and thoughtful ideas. A diverse team with a focus on self and others awareness, helps us recognize both our personal and company biases. Once these biases are understood, we can begin working together to create a more inclusive and sustainable business environment for everyone. 

Oval Room Group

Oval Room Group’s philosophy on women in CRE, diversity, equality and inclusion is simple; our employee and vendor base should represent our customer base. That is, a diverse grouping of backgrounds, cultures, race and beliefs. This governs our business operations at several levels. It starts with our employee recruiting efforts and making our interest in diversity and inclusion known throughout the recruiting and hiring process. This focus is also centered around the hiring of the vendors that service and support our company and client base. Thus creating a balance of staffing and vendor base that is representative and inclusive of All

Wonderful Real Estate

Instituting Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion as the foundation of a company's corporate culture is the driving force to its success. DEI is not a just an annual training, it must be a daily practice. Without employees that feel valued and safe to be their true selves and work to their highest potential, a company becomes dormant in innovation, high in turnover and employee dissatisfaction, and stagnant in productivity and revenue growth.