NAI Global University: New to the Game (For those with less than 5 years experience)
Date & Time
Monday, January 31, 2022, 1:00 PM - 4:45 PM
Michael Lipsey

1:00 PM – 2:00  PM - The Business Development Machine

Creating an autonomous commercial real estate practice doesn’t happen overnight. Mike’s Lipsey’s Business Development Machine lays the foundation for you to create a machine without the stop-start-stop-start dance. Master leading best practices of business development through Mike’s proven strategies on how to keep transaction management going while developing new business.

Throughout The Business Development Machine, we’ll introduce a series of best practices such as:

  • Which CRM – Selecting and Implementing the right one and using it to engage prospects.
  • Electronic footprint – e-touch, e-gift, e-comp, social media, and which eblast service
  • Print – Various mailer, flier, and postcard examples and how to target
  • Personalized approach – Handwritten notes, calls, drop ins, referrals
  • Major Accounts – Which associations to join, Lipsey’s 55, direct mail campaigns
  • Expand – Create a comprehensive campaign to provide additional services to your clients

By following Mike’s formula, you will be able to dramatically increase your business development results.

2:00 PM – 3:00 PM - Performance Leasing

The crux of performance leasing is simple – create a plan of measurable, specific action for leasing a space, and empower landlords to evaluate your performance. With this model, clients receive a commitment of time, effort, and service. In exchange, brokers may receive additional compensation. Brokers who use this method win more business, lease more space, and dominate their competition. In this module, we explain the ins and outs of:

  • Creating a Performance Leasing plan
  • Presenting a Performance Leasing plan to win assignments
  • Receiving recognition and compensation for your efforts
  • Empowering landlords with confidence in your performance
  • Recording and measuring activity
  • Increasing net operating income
  • Create measurable goals for leasing a space

We have trained thousands of brokers across the globe, and we’ve noticed a pattern. Brokers with a plan dominate those who do not. Performance Leasing is not only a best practice for winning assignments, but also an incredible method for closing more deals in less time.

3:15 PM-3:40 PM - Win More Tenant Rep Assignments

More than half of new commercial real estate professionals are trying their hand at tenant representation, and it’s no wonder why. With the potential for higher commission and greater deal velocity, it’s quickly becoming one of the most competitive segments of the industry. Through extensive research, Mike Lipsey has identified the best practices of tenant reps who dominate their local markets. In this module, he shares his insight into:

  • Why more brokers are choosing tenant representation
  • The one thing all phenomenal tenant rep brokers have in common
  • Two things tenant reps should bring into every presentation
  • Building effective electronic campaigns
  • Prospecting tools to win more assignments
  • Using Industry Rent to Revenue Ratios to guide clients with knowledge of their local market
  • Using the Dollars to Occupy Ratio to give clients realistic estimations of costs
  • Differentiate between various market proposals to compare space present values

Seasoned and young brokers alike have consistently praised this program as insightful, practical, and effective. With more than 35 years in the industry, Mike has trained thousands of tenant rep brokers to be more effective, win more deals, and differentiate themselves from the competition.

3:40 PM – 4:05 PM - Investment Sales

Most commercial brokers will be called upon to do a broker opinion of value at some point in their careers. Although the math is important, a savvy commercial broker will focus on creating an auction market – getting buyers to stretch in order to deliver the most value for clients. This module covers both the mathematics and sales skills involved in offering a broker opinion of value.
This module covers both the mathematics and sales skills involved in offering a broker opinion of value. It includes:

  • The Six Step process to Calculating BOVs
  • The 6 different types of buyers
  • Getting buyers to stretch
  • Leveraging the skills of analysts as team members
  • Describing The Perfect Tour in your listing presentation
  • Creating an auction market among buyers
  • Presenting with a value range

“Commercial brokers are not appraisers,” says Mike Lipsey. While commercial brokers must have an accurate process for approximating the value of a property, their ultimate is to gather potential buyers and encourage them to stretch for the deal. With Mike’s experienced advice, brokers will learn to offer BOVs that appeal to both buyers and sellers.

4:05 PM- 4:45 PM - Presentations that Win

Presentations That Win is one of The Lipsey Company’s most sought-after programs. Commercial real estate practitioners find the task of communicating effectively and persuasively to win business to be particularly daunting, making it a challenge for most teams.  Prospects and clients will judge the effectiveness and strength of a team by its presentation. With so much at stake, this is your team’s opportunity to showcase their market knowledge and best practices that will make the difference in winning this business opportunity.
Mike provides expert, industry-specific, advice which will enable you to rise above the competition and win more business.

  • Perform an effective client discovery and needs analysis
    • White boarding session
    • Use of webinars
    • Developing a client centric agenda
  • Create a powerful 50/50 Yellow Pad Presentations
    • Develop the 5 sections of a presentation: structured, yellow pad and morph
  • Engage clients as your present
    • The 4 C’s: Comfortable, Confident, Concise, Conversational
    • Use of Placemats, Playbills, PowerPoint, iPad and Android devices
  • Taking your visuals to the next level with a punch that makes the difference
  • Improving the skills of individual presenters and how they are combined to make an effective team presentation
  • Ensuring the presentation is client centric – NO books!
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